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Top Golf: A Unique Driving Range

At Top Golf, you don’t make your way to a driving stall, and just wail away on 100 or so balls, and head home. Instead you aim for circular light-up targets down the range to score points.

Long Island Golf News Joins Google+

Anyone out there using the Google Plus? We’ll be cross posting our news items at G+, along with other news and tidbits. Don’t forget that you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter. Drop by and say hello…leave a comment, it’ll make you feel good.

Online Long Island Golf Tee Times

Everything is available on the web these days – including golf tee times. Long Island, NY offers over fifty public golf courses to play. A large share of these courses all you book your round online. We’ve partnered with to bring all the latest tee time and the ability to reserve a golf teetime […]