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We are Chippo Nation…

Chippo is the glorious lovechild of golf and cornhole with some cool twists.  The set comes with a Chippo board containing three different sized holes, a bag of Almost Golf practice balls (travels 1/3 the distance of a real ball), a practice matt and a convenient carry case.  Players simply aim at the board and chip.

Hit Solid Putts Every Time

If you’re struggling on the greens – whether you aren’t making enough or 3 -putting from long range – here are a few practice drills and key thoughts you should implement into your practice regimen.

Making Better Contact

You’ve heard the phrase, “Aim small, Miss Small.” If not, it’s a very good way to approach golf course management. More from Michael on Making Better Contact..

Drive for show, Putt for dough…?

Yes, of course, putting does get the ball in the hole, however, if you are not in the fairway, setting up your approach shot properly, odds are you’ll be putting for par or bogey more times than you’d like.

Carnoustie Golf Apparel Review

Carnoustie Golf Appeal Review: Long in the arms and waist, Carnoustie deals in that classic look. Solid colors and horizontal stripes dominate the 2017 collection.