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The late, great golf courses of Queens

By BRETT CYGRALIS (link to the Post article here) There’s a tree that stands in front of 50-11 228th Street in Bayside, Queens, which very few people stop to look at anymore. It’s tall and spreads its shade from sidewalk to sidewalk, people stopping underneath in their cars and hustling into their homes, all in […]

Long Island Insurance Community Auction – Golf Rounds

The Long Island Insurance Community is gathering together to raise funds…Here’s how they describe it: The auction will run from August 1, 2010 to September 16, 2010 at 9:00 pm with proceeds helping the Long Island Insurance Community give back to the communities in which we live and work. Auction items range from exotic vacation […]

How do you stay cool on the golf course?

DaveStar of Manhattan says:

I stay cool on the course with plenty of ice cold beer — I also find it helps my golf game!

Mish of Stony Brook says:

I’m one of those early morning golfers who prefer to stay away from the blistering heat when I play golf (Mainly because I am as white as snow). But when I have a tee time after 8 am, I try freezing a damp wash cloth and in between shots I drape it around my neck. I also drink plenty of water / gatorade during the round too.

Restaurant owner will not open cafe at Poxabogue Golf Center

Poxabogue Golf Center in Sagaponack will not be getting new restaurant any time soon. The Towns of Southampton and East Hampton purchased the nine-hole property back in 2003 from around $6 million. This sorted story included some interesting details (and great comments). Will James, of, reports a few things are getting in the way […]

Product Review: Eidolon Wedges

eidolon-56-backviewIt’s golf gospel: more than 50% of your shots are taken with 100 yards of the green. While putting is a likely culprit, one shouldn’t over look chipping or those longer shots. Since the end of last season my game has changed due in large part to three new Eidolon wedges in my bag. While still a high handicapper, I’m scoring more consistently with these clubs.

Terry Koehler, the president of Eidolon Golf, and I were in touch about his clubs. This guy knows his stuff. The clubs came with a little booklet that really brought wedge play in perspective. First, Terry suggests you get the feel for you wedges and know how far you can hit these clubs. Then, play the hole to your desired approach distance. While every hole can’t be played this way, I have changed my club selection off the tee to accommodate this philosophy.

Prior to playing the Eidolon clubs I was playing Vokey wedges – 50, 56 and 60. After a little back and forth, Terry sent over a 48* pitching wedge, adjusted to 49*, a 52* gap wedge adjusted to 54*, and a 56 sand wedge adjusted to 58*. I noticed a few things about these clubs coming out of the box: (1) the hosel creeps up a little higher on the shaft (2) the shaft length is about an inch or two longer and (3) the club face was slightly bigger.

After twenty plus rounds of play, I truly depend on these clubs. Full swings with these clubs have become my favorite part of the game. The ball flies 20% to 30% higher. I relish the 100 yard approach shot with my 52*. Touch shots around the green are no problem. If I’m looking for a little roll, I’ll pull out the 48* and make that putting type swing. The 58* gets the ball up in a hurry, I have no problem carrying a bunker on a short pitch. In the sand it’s the same story, if I make a good swing the ball comes out and lands soft. My set’s pitching wedge is gone in favor of the 48*. And, I don’t miss the Vokey 60* at all. I did receive these clubs gratis as part of the review. If they asked for them back, I’d gladly drop the cash for them again which is saying something at $129 per club.


Wise Words from Gardiner’s Bay CC Pro Bob DeStefano

On August 10th, a feature about local Long Island Golf Pro, Bob DeStefano, will air on Golf Channel’s “Golf in America.” Bob Destefano has been the head golf professional at Gardiner’s Bay Country Club on Shelter Island, NY since 1962—an almost unprecedented tenure during which he has tought four generations of members. Set to retire […]

Bethpage Black Closed Up to 12 Days in August 2010

Bethpage State Park’s Black Course will be closed for up to twelve days during August, 2010. The reason…scheduled maintenance and tournament events. Black is closed for play every Monday for maintenance, as well as Tuesday, August 3 Wednesday, August 4 Tuesday, August 10 Met Pro Am takes over from August 23 to August 27. Call […]

Evan Bierne of Bethpage Makes Met AM Final

Evan Bierne of Bethpage makes Met Am final Saturday July 31, 2010 9:22 PM By Mark Herrmann Evan Bierne, who plays out of Bethpage and is preparing for his senior year at St. John’s, will play for one of the most prestigious amateur titles in the country Sunday. Bierne will meet defending champion Cameron Wilson […]