Andrew Glover Youth Program Golf Classic – Mansion Ridge

Friday, May 29, 2009: This outing is a little outside of Long Island – in Monroe, NY – but it’s for a such a great cause. First a little about The Andrew Glover Youth Program (from their website):

The Andrew Glover Youth Program provides an alternative to incarceration that works. The idea is simple. Instead of sending kids to jail, the court sends them to us.
Our mission is threefold:

* to intervene and reclaim young people from lives of crime
* to provide an overloaded court system with a reliable alternative to incarceration for youths
* to make the Lower East Side and East Harlem safer for everyone

We help solve the problems that got the kid into trouble in the first place.

You can help and play a great day of golf. The schedule includes: breakfast, range balls, dinner, cocktails and much more. Find more information here about signing up for the 2009 AGYP Golf Classic.

Here’s a link to Mansion Ridge. Really, it’s only about 60 minutes from the GWB.

Tell them you heard about the outing here. Also, check out our newly launch Rockland County Golf sister site.

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