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Golf, Executive Networking & Morton’s Steak

World Golf Network comes to Long Island for the 2010 golf season. World Golf Network brings local executives together in a unrivalled environment in which to engage other decision makers. WGN programs easily enable executives to put themselves in a position to share a round of golf and the 19th hole with other executives on […]

Club Review: Adams Idea a2 Hybrid

Playing a long par 5 early this season, I was faced with 250+ into the green from some short rough. As I pulled out my 2-iron, my playing buddy scolded me for not carrying a hybrid club. He handed me his brand new Taylor Made Tour Hybrid which I promptly smacked straight for a short pitch into the green. It was time for me to add this club to my bag.

Disability? Blind Golfer Shines At L.I. Course

Ted Fass Has Always Dealt With Stereotypes, But When It Comes To Ball-Striking He Sees Things Quite Clearly OCEANSIDE, N.Y. (CBS) ― If you ever get frustrated on the golf course or have been too intimidated to even try the game there’s a player who will inspire you to give it a shot. CBS 2 […]

Round Report: The Links at Shirley 8/3/09

First, a big Thank You to the Michael and Horton from theTavern on Jane and all the sponsors for putting together a great golf outing – this their 15th If you’ve never made to this outing… you are truly missing out. Mark the first Monday in August on your calendar and join us next year. […]

Sandy Pond is perfect homespun golf

Sandy Pond doesn’t have big yardage; its nine par-3 holes total 1070 yards on a former sand pit in Riverhead. But it can hold its own in longevity. While other courses have come and gone, and some are fighting to stay alive, Sandy Pond is going strong in its 40th year.